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About Zero Waste Recycling

Our Profile

  • Recycling experts since 2002
  • Environmentally sustainable service
  • UK based recycling facilities
  • Advanced technology

Our Values

  • Be Transparent
  • Be Innovative
  • Be Ethical

Our Mission

  • Lower cartridges environmental impact
  • Only reuse or recycle
  • Treat any type of printer consumable
Zero Waste Recycling is an innovative and environmentally sustainable printer cartridge recycling service brought you by BCMY Ltd.

BCMY Ltd. bring dependable efficiency to each stage of the usage cycle of printer consumables.

Our service is aimed at businesses who want to lower their impact on the environment, increase their corporate social responsibility, and improve their duty of care over their printer consumable waste.

We reduce the impact of waste cartridges on the environment by reusing cartridges that are able to be refilled, and repairing broken but reusable cartridges. For those consumables that cannot be reused we recycle them back into their raw materials for reuse in other products where possible. We carry out this entire recycling process on one site to minimize the environmental impact of transportation on the service.

Our unique technology gives the ability to manage significant volumes for numerous clients who can monitor their accounts remotely.

BCMY Ltd. having kept pace with increasing volume and service demands and operates from a 33,000 sq. ft. warehouse with an integrated waste processing facility.

Simple and environmentally friendly service

Our primary goal is to provide a cheap, simple and environmentally friendly service that will accept all makes and models of used printer cartridges and consumables, reuse as many as possible, and recycle the remainder back into its raw material components for further reuse into new products.

Reducing the carbon footprint

Reusing, repairing and refilling printer cartridges reduces the amount of natural resources needed to manufacture a new one. This ensures the carbon footprint of the replacement printer cartridge is reduced, and also provides a cheaper alternative product back to the consumer.

Recycling all non-reusable cartridges back into their raw materials

Recycling all non-reusable cartridges back into their raw materials avoids the need to send them to landfill as a whole item, which is illegal for large volume producers, can pollute the ground, take over 1,000 years for the plastics to decompose, and is a huge waste of material resources. It also avoids the need to incinerate waste cartridges which releases CO2 and other emissions into the atmosphere, destroys the material resource by turning it into electricity which once used is then lost for good.

Responsible treatment of hazardous materials, such as toner dust

Our service recovers the raw materials from non reusable printer toner, laser, inkjet, and ink tank cartridges, fusers, drums, imaging units, transfer belts and waste toner bottles. This material is very difficult and hazardous to work with due to toner dust being explosive when handled incorrectly, which is why most alternative recycling programs tend to send their non reusable cartridges to incineration and few responsible cartridge recycling programs exist. However at Zero Waste Recycling toner is extracted from the cartridges prior to shredding which liberates the metal and plastic components. After this the materials are separated and used in the manufacture of new products where possible. Steel into cars, aluminium into cans, plastics into toys, ink and toner into colorant products - these are just a few of the example markets that the cartridge material will end up supplying.

Be wary of services that promote recycling, but landfill or incinerate their waste

Neither landfill nor incineration is the best environmental method for disposing of used printer cartridges as both are lower on the widely recognized waste hierarchy than recycling but unfortunately are widely used by almost all supposed “cartridge recycling services” you can find in the marketplace.

Zero Waste Recycling is fully compliant with all UK and EU legislation, giving you peace of mind that the transfer and recycling of ink and toner waste to us:

  • Fulfils your duty of care to the highest standards
  • Complies with all relevant legislation
  • Completely satisfies your environmental audits
  • Reduces your organisations carbon footprint and impact on natural resources

Your duty of care to manage waste properly is detailed within section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This is satisfied by applying the waste management hierarchy to your decision making processes, as set out in article 4 of the EU Waste Framework Directive. Using Zero Waste Recycling as your printer cartridge waste solution will fulfil your duty of care to the highest possible standard.

The storage and treatment of other peoples / companies waste requires a Waste Management License or Exemption. Our waste printer cartridge reuse and recycling service which is run by BCMY Ltd has the following exemptions: T16, S2, T4. This allows us to legally treat waste toner and ink cartridges by sorting, cleaning, dismantling or refilling them.

The T16 Exemption specifically states that it cannot be used to “treat waste toner or ink cartridges to dispose of them to landfill or incineration”. We carry out all recycling activities on site do not send whole cartridges to incineration or landfill, something that other competing services fail to live up to. Not all cartridges can be reused, so please check what your current waste services provider does with their cartridge waste. Do they even know? Are they even compliant?

View our Certificates of Registration and Exemptions.

  • AATF - Approved Authorised Treatment Facility
  • T11 - Repairing or refurbishing waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
  • T16 – Treatment of waste toner cartridges by sorting, dismantling, cleaning or refilling.
  • T4 – Preparatory Treatments (bailing, sorting, shredding, etc) (non agricultural waste only)
  •  S2 – Storage of waste in a secure place (non agricultural waste only)
European Waste Codes (EWC) we treat:
  • 16 02 16 - Components removed from discarded equipment other than those mentioned in 16 02 15
  • 20 01 36 - Discarded electrical and electronic equipment other than those mentioned in 20 01 21, 20 01 23 and 20 01 35

As of January 2014, any company involved in the following business practices must register as a waste carrier:

  • Transport your own waste
  • Transport or dispose of waste for someone else
  • Buy or sell waste
  • Act as a waste broker (arrange for someone else to handle other peoples waste)

Zero Waste Recycling collects your printer cartridge waste either through our own collection vans, independent couriers, or pallet collection companies.

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Both the sender and receiver of waste must record certain specifics of the transfer (persons responsible, organisations, locations, material, weight, company SIC codes, dates, etc) on a legal document called a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) for a minimum of 2 years.

Zero Waste Recycling will fulfil both your, and our, duty to record this via Waste Transfer Notes which are provided per individual collection order.

As long as you (the account holder) are authorised to act on behalf of your organisation in regard to the movement of controlled waste, the material type being transferred, and the collection and delivery locations all stay the same, a Waste Transfer Note can be produced without the requirement of your signature. This allows us to produce current and historical online Waste Transfer Notes, which you can both view and print for your audit trails, at any time, via your account. We will automatically update it every time we collect and receive your cartridge waste.


For the Waste Transfer Notes to be accepted for Audit purposes you will need to:

  • Tick the confirmation box that you are the authorised person to deal with the transfer of waste
  • Enter your organisation SIC code by selecting your organisation's main activity
  • Have a separate Zero Waste Recycling account for every site / location you would like us to collect from


For organisations that have multiple locations we have a feature to allow you to combine reporting so you can see the total recycling efforts of your organisation, whilst still having site specific Transfer Notes.

Once we have fully processed your waste you will be able to print or download a Zero Waste Certificate which will become your proof of having completed your Duty of Care by using the highest standards of environmental disposal.

It will detail the total amount and types of cartridges sent for recycling. It will also display the total number of cartridges per category that were reused, and thus saved from recycling, and how many cartridges were turned back into raw materials, for further use in new products, along with a percentage for each.

This can be displayed proudly as your commitment to responsible printer cartridge recycling, alongside your other environmental achievements, policy documents, corporate social responsibility activity, social media outputs and or be used for further marketing collateral.

Market expectations, the need to be more efficient and to demonstrate management commitment towards continual improvement and environmental management has meant for BCMY investing in the implementation of effective management systems to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

View our ISO Certificates:


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