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Here we will describe the different pricing models, how rebates work and how much your future collections may cost depending on how you have been introduced to our service.

If you are a member of a collection pool, there will be no cost to you as long as pool credit is available.


Our service can be used from different type of users, which can be waste producers, such as home users, single or multiple site organisations, or waste handlers, such as waste management companies, cartridge distributors, cartridge remanufacturers, producer compliance schemes, cartridge collection and recycling firms or Designated Collection Facilities (DCF), household recycling sites, Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATF) and Approved Authorised Treatment Facilities (AATFs).

Each user has the ability to select the pricing model that meets their needs during the registration process. There are pricing models with lower base cost, that the user can pay only collection costs and will not receive rebate amounts, or with higher base cost that user can receive rebate amounts to offset their future collection cost.

The pricing model also can vary if you choose to offer our service to your customers or you came by an existing co-branded service.

You can find out the exact pricing by completing your registration process and answer few simple questions about your type of user.


If you use a lot of high quality OEM cartridges, such as HP, Lexmark, Samsung, etc., you can select the pricing model “High Base Cost, Offset by Rebates” during the registration process. Using this price model you will receive credit rebates for reusable cartridges to offset the cost of your future orders. This may work out cheaper using our service or even using it for free each time.

Reusable cartridges have a value as they are the main component in making a new remanufactured cartridge. It also costs to turn non-reusable cartridges back into their raw material form. Because of this we are happy to rebate you for the reusable cartridges that have a market value.

  • Some cartridges are worth more than others so rebates have a sliding scale
  • Rebates can be used to pay for future collections
  • Once registered, you can view the rebate list to see how much your cartridges are worth
  • Rebate values are bespoke to your account and are updated regularly without prior notice
  • The rebate amount used for all calculations will be the amount of rebate advertised on the day the individual cartridge is recorded by us and not the day items are booked for collection


For a better understanding of how rebates work, we provide the following example that shows Mr. Smith's three different collections of standard size boxes, the separation of reusable and non-reusable cartridges and how much rebate provided the reusable cartridges to offset his costs to future collections.

Cost and Rebates
Units Cartridges
1st Collection
One standard box
Cost £10.00 30 Mixed
Rebate Amount
£7.25 20 Reusable
£0.00 10 Non-Reusable
Total Rebate Amount £7.25
2nd Collection
One standard box
Cost: £10.00-£7.25= £2.75 20 Mixed
Rebate Amount
£2.50 5 Reusable
£0.00 15 Non-Reusable
Total Rebate Amount £2.50
3rd Collection
One standard box
Cost: £10.00-£2.50= £7.50 35 Mixed
Rebate Amount
£15.00 35 Reusable
£0.00 0 Non-Reusable
Total Rebate Amount £15.00
  • Mr. Smith sent us in total 3 Standard Sized Boxes that included 85 Printer Cartridges.
  • 60 were reused and 25 were recycled back into their raw material state.
  • He fulfilled his duty of care and used the Zero Waste Transfer Notes and Zero Waste Certificate to prove it.
  • In total, he paid £20.25 but also has a £15.00 rebate to be used to offset the cost of his next collection.
  • In summary, Mr. Smith's actual costs were £5.25 for 85 cartridges - Only  £0.06 each!


The cost of our service can be free and is dependent on a number of factors which may or may not apply to you, e.g. customer type, negotiated terms, discounts, collection pool membership, rebates or free collection vouchers that can be applied.

For instance, you can have a free recycling scheme if one of the following scenarios applies to you:

  • The cartridges sent on your first collection generated more rebates than the cost of your second collection, and so on
  • You are part of a multiple site organisation, which use prepayment or credit sharing features, which has offered your site free collections (you will not receive rebates in this scenario)
  • Your printer cartridge provider, such as remanufacturer, distributor or reseller, has given you free "collection vouchers" to use
  • You are part of a "collection pool" set up by your printer cartridge manufacturer or supplier, giving you the opportunity to use our service for free (you will not receive rebates in this scenario)


To have one sample of the costs of our service, we provide the following, which is valid if you have a single site location or multiple site location business and you prefer to collect from you the printer cartridges and a pricing model that rebate will apply to offset your future collection costs.

Type Dimension Weight Cost

Standard Box


Max. 25kg

£7.00 - £12.00
excl. VAT

Oversized Box


Max. 35kg

£12.00 - £16.00
excl. VAT


 Max 1m. x 1.2m -
Max 1.8m high

No limitation

Depending on
location and quantity

The cost is based on the assumption that every cartridge is non-reusable, and will be collected, dismantled, cleaned, shredded and materials separated and subsequently reused rather than incinerated or landfilled, which is a costly process. However, for each reusable cartridge we receive this dismantling process is not needed, so we give you a rebate in return, as previously mentioned. Therefore, if all the cartridges we received are reusable then in theory your future collections could be free!

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